An Introduction

I’m Jess, an Ann Arbor native and a senior double majoring in Communications and Spanish. Growing up here, I saw the Ann Arbor News transition from print to online. I remember thinking how sad it was that the print industry was slowly dying in favor of digital outlets.

Here I am with my dad, twin brother, and football player Marcus Knight in the Big House in 1999. Forever Go Blue!

I have a broad range of interests and consume my news through a variety of different outlets. As I’ve gotten older, my interests have expanded. The news I seek out the most is pop culture/celebrity news, sports news, and general human interest stories. The news I seek out the least is political news.

I get my news online via websites, mobile apps, “liking” Facebook pages, television news, and print magazines/newspapers. I most closely interact with articles posted on Facebook, print articles, and Entertainment News programs on TV. I interact the least with mobile apps- I only read the headline, not the full article.

My dad mainly gets his news from print newspapers, and occasionally watches network or cable news. My mom consumes the news on all media outlets- both traditional and digital- but mainly watches cable news and reads articles online.

On campus, I work for the student TV station, WOLV TV, so I produce news both for the weekly show and on our Facebook page. I do not comment on news online; sometimes I will “like” an article on Facebook. If I feel compelled to talk about a news story, I speak privately with friends or family offline.

The beat I’m going to cover this semester is education. I think it’s fascinating how all levels of education are moving towards digital formats on some scale, and even how some educators ban technology in their classroom.

(Source: via Google Image Search)


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