Final Project Outline

Story idea summed up in one line: When you look around any given classroom on a college campus, you’ll see many students clued to their cellphones while the professor is teaching. There are times when smartphones are allowed in class by the professor, but what about when their use isn’t permitted? My final project will examine the question of, “Are smartphones helping or hindering learning in universities?”

Which Media Will You Use?  (Text, photo, infographic, etc): I plan on using an audio interview. I would like to use a photo gallery as well.

Interviewees?: I plan on using an audio interview from Umich COMM professor Scott Campbell, whose research focuses on mobile communication. I will also interview Umich Linguistics professor Ezra Keshet. I am in his class now, and he allows the use smartphones, tablets, and laptops in class. I plan on using his interview for my own insight for the project, but I do not plan on sharing his interview as an audio piece. 

What are the main three questions will you ask?: 1. Do you or don’t you allow the use of smartphones in class and why? / 2. What do you do when you notice one of your students on their phone in class without your permission? / 3. Do you feel education has been digitally disrupted? In what ways?  

Additional background and notes: I will draw on research done in the field, as well as my own prior knowledge from classes I have taken where professors have strict technology-use rules.    

Information and statistics that might be useful: I will continue to research how smartphones have distributed higher education. 


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